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Supplier Of Thread, Plain Plug & Ring Gauges

We are leading Thread and plain Plug & Ring Gauges supplier of India. These are frequently applied in diverse mechanical applications. These are specifically applied for relative gauging including examination, calibration, or setting of gauges etc.

We are the highly distinguished dealer of Thread and Plain Plug & Ring Gauges delivering highly accuracy instruments, providing a comprehensive array of these instruments for enhancing the productivity apart from reducing down the price cost of manufacture.

Our objective is to offer original instruments produced by the principal companies of India, which provide the unsurpassed quality in addition to functionality. We always bring our instruments to our clients that follow with global quality norms. We deliver our quality instruments at cheap prices.

Supplier of Measuring Equipments, Portable Hardness Testers, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope, 3 Way Tilting Vise, LCD Measuring Microscope, Metallurgical Image Analyzer.

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