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When you need a Measuring Testing Instruments, come to right place we are supplier of vernier caliper, humidity meters and moisture meter.

Measuring Testing Instruments

We are the top Supplier of Dimensional Measuring instruments. We are also the highly preferred Supplier of Dimensional Meteorological instruments.

Our quality products are meticulously procured from the leading companies across the world that produces them from the premium quality basic components by means of the most advanced technology in adherence to the international quality standards.

The instruments and devices we produce are recognized in the market for their supreme performance, negligible maintenance, and comprehensible performance in addition to durable performance life. These are accessible with us in several standard sizes as well as design. We also export these products worldwide. Our products are quality checked and verified and hence are immensely trusted by our clients

We are the accredited dealer of top companies of Mitutoyo, Baker, Kristeel, Groz, Metrix and Kann. We have excellent stock and accessibility to the products we supply and thus promptly supply our products to the customers whenever these are demanded by them.

We also offer the products at highly competitive prices and have great discount offers for our valuable clients.

Supplier of NDT / Testing Instruments

Certainly! If you're looking for a supplier of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or testing instruments, there are several companies that specialize in providing such equipment. Some well-known suppliers include:

  • Olympus Corporation: Olympus offers a wide range of NDT instruments, including ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness gauges, and eddy current instruments.
  • GE Inspection Technologies: Now part of Baker Hughes, GE Inspection Technologies provides advanced NDT solutions, such as radiography, ultrasound, and remote visual inspection equipment.
  • MISTRAS Group: MISTRAS is a global provider of asset protection solutions, offering a variety of NDT services and instruments for industries like oil and gas, aerospace, and manufacturing.
  • Zetec: Zetec specializes in non-destructive testing solutions, offering products like eddy current and ultrasonic testing instruments for various applications.
  • NDT Global: NDT Global focuses on pipeline inspection technologies, providing high-tech solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Before choosing a supplier, it's essential to assess your specific testing needs, the industry standards you must meet, and any specific features or capabilities required for your applications. Additionally, consider factors like customer support, training, and maintenance services provided by the supplier.

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quality assurance

Quality Assurance

We Bearing Tools Centre believe in a quality product and quality service enhance customer self-assurance and company’s integrity which only can be fulfill by quality assurance, and that is why we deal with a prominent companies who are using high tech equipments for delivering a completely error free and précisedMeasuring and Testing Equipments.

testing facility

Testing Facility

We Bearing Tools Centre do not end a relationship with a customer just by delivering Measuring and Testing Instruments to their doorstep, but we provide solutions and support till the entire product cycle, which includes timely delivery, responding to technical inquiries, product repairing, product replacement and product support for efficient and cost effective product use.

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To get the Measuring  and Testing Isnstruments at terrific rate call Bearing Tools Centre  care team today, we not only promise you for terrific rental rate, we pledge you for unsurpassed customer service and support at any time. Call us today, to get the free quote, in addition get the best assistance in the selection of the package which highly meets your requirements.

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