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Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments

MITUTOYO is the top international company known for manufacturing precision measuring instruments. This is a Japanese multinational corporation and offers supreme quality products in a very wide range that offer highly accurate and consistent results and are user-friendly as well.

We are the authorized dealer of Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments in India. We provide the complete array of instruments of this company including Slip Gauge, Optical Flats and Bevel Protractor, Disk Micrometer, Digital Height Gauge Double Column, Tubular inside Micrometer Extension Rod Type etc. Our clients prefer depending on us for the reliable purchase of these instruments. This is because we offer genuine products and offer excellent discounts on their price too. We are never in short of the stock of the products of this company and thus can deliver our clients with the products on time. Likewise we provide complete application and product support along with the detailed information on the products. We are the most prominent Mitutoyo Radius Gauge Supplier of India.

Baker Measuring Instruments

Baker is a renowned company that possesses ISO 9001 - 2008 certification as well as has independent calibration laboratories with over 100 cubic meters of NABL accredited conforming to ISO 17025 standards. This company is trusted by numerous industries in the sectors of Automobile, Aircraft, Refrigeration and Engineering industries across the world.

We are the most trusted Supplier of Dimensional Measuring instruments of this company. We are trusted on by the patrons owing to our extreme exertion on offering them very qualitative products. We offer Measuring instruments including Ball Diameter Checking Gauge 0.01 Mm, Depth Micrometer 0.01 Mm, Crank Shaft Gauge 0.01 Mm and Lever Type Dial Gauge Model-38 0.01 Mm (Without Accessory) that are genuinely Baker Measuring Instruments and offer them with excellent discounts on their actual price.

Kristeel Measuring Instruments

KRISTEEL is one of the major measuring instrument manufacturers of India and works in collaboration with Japanese company. The products of this company are highly preferred in the global market. The company produces high quality instruments that measure with high precision and least error. These measuring instruments are quality checked and calibrated by experts.

We are the leading distributor of Kristeel Measuring Instruments in India. We are highly relied on for the entire array of instruments manufactured by this company such as Sprit Level, V – Pulley Gauge Set, Gear Tooth Pitch Gauge and Feeler Gauge etc. Our products are original and we offer them with incredible price discounts and so are demanded by numerous cities of India such as Nagpur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Groz Measuring Instruments

We are the genuine and highly trusted suppliers of the all-inclusive range of Groz Measuring Instruments and provide every product with the calibration certificate.

The measuring instruments of this company are eminent for their ideally calibrated instruments that offer exact results with minimal error range. The digital instruments of this company are known to provide durable performance as they have auto-off features with a good battery life. The accuracy of these instruments is guaranteed. These instruments are quality checked rigidly by the company.

We supply the instruments of this company Digital Fuel Meter, Fuel Control Nozzles – Metered, Outside Calipers and Spring Divider at excellent rates and also offer discounts on their products. Several companies of India prefer purchasing products from us because we have enough stock and source to supply the products on time as needed by our customers.

METRIX+ Measuring Instruments

We offer all the full range of METRIX+ Measuring Instruments such as Digital Rubber Hardness Tester, Digital Capacitance Meter, Digital Multimeter and Digital Tachometer.

This company is acknowledged for the production of consistent and precise measuring instruments that are qualitative, durable and absolutely reliable. These are very easy to comprehend for regular usage.

We are extensively recognized in the domestic market for distributing the genuine products of METRIX+. We are capable of punctually supplying the products to the clients as and when needed by them. We offer very excellent discounts on these products and offer them with their certification and also support our clients with their application and obligatory information.

Kann Measuring Instruments

Kann Measuring Instruments are sturdy and have extensive life span. These instruments offer excellently dependable and accurate results. These instruments are preferred by several industries such as oil & gas companies, petrochemical industries and pharmaceutical industries across the nation. These instruments are not just efficient but also very user-friendly and light weighted. They comply with the international standards of quality.

We offer all the measuring instruments produced by this company some of them include One Revolution Dial Gauge, Durometer Shr A, Long Travel Dial Gauges And Bazel Dial 80 Mm. M6 etc. We offer these instruments at great price rates and also offer first-rate discounts on them. We are the highly renowned Dial Thickness Gauge Supplier of India.

Luthra Measuring Instruments

Luthra is a very reliable company offering measuring instruments of an extensive array such as Cast iron right angles, Granite Block Master, Box Angle Plates and Vertical Bench Centre. These are made in compliance to the international standards of quality. The instruments produced by this company are very reliable.

We are the accredited distributor of Luthra Measuring Instruments in India. Our clients choose us for making the purchase of genuine instruments of this company. We have the capacity to provide our clients with any of the products of this company with no delay. We also offer application related information to our clients when preferred by them. We offer the products at admirable rates. We are the principal Surface Plates Supplier of India.

MGW Measuring Instruments

MGW is the best and the most prominent internationally measuring instrument manufacturer of India.This company has highly experienced expert professionals who carry out the production of this instrument precisely in accordance to the international quality standards.

The instruments of this company are very accurate and have slightest error range. These are thoroughly checked for their accuracy and are calibrated perfectly by experts.

We offer the comprehensive range of the instruments of this company some of which incorporate Internal Dial Caliper Gauge, Digit outside Micrometer, Magnetic Stand and Oil Dip Tape. We offer the original products of this company and can provide them on time without any delay. We offer these instruments at very reasonable rates. We are the highly preferred Depth Micrometer Supplier in Ahmedabad.

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