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3 Way Tilting Vise

These are specifically applied in combination with a milling/drilling machine so as to offer locked placing for the job work at changing angles.

We are the top Supplier of Vices and Lubrication instruments of India. The products we supply have superior features of hardened as well as Ground jaw Plates.

Their design is such that they allow the tilting of the vice at 45° Tilting spectrum on any sides as well as allow 90° Vertical Indexing. Their 360° Swivel Base lets complete rotation about the vertical axis.

The products we supply are fabricated by the well-known and highly chosen companies of the world. We offer them at incredible rates and discounts. We are the highly trusted 3 Way Tilting Vices Supplier of India.

LCD Measuring Microscope

LCD Measuring Microscope is the advanced version of regular microscopic observation and also offer zoom magnification feature. This aspect leads to comfortable observation of the without getting exhausted. This makes the observation very effortless even if it is for very long duration. These are expediently used for the testing as well as inspecting of product assembly, research & teaching arena.

We are the highly trusted distributors of the LCD Measuring Microscope of leading companies in India as well as international nations. These have HD screen and Integral CCD camera for image and video. We are highly trusted and preferred LCD Measuring Microscope Supplier of India. Above all these are quality checked and approved as per the international quality standards. We offer these at market leading rates.

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

It is particularly applied for recognition as well as examination of the structures of diverse foundries in addition to education organizations for the analysis of metallography, heat treatment apart from metal physics etc.

These provide a resolution for perceiving huge dimension or lopsided samples that is not ideal to be fixed underneath a vertical microscope.

These comprise of metal substances and elements, minerals, die castings as well as meticulous molds etc. These are ideal for failure analysis, quantifiable study or quality control in arenas comprising of automotive, aerospace as well as iron & steel industries.

We are one of the top dealers of this equipment in India dealing with the products of leading companies of India. We are the leading Inverted Metallurgical Microscope supplier of India.

Portable Hardness Testers

Portable Hardness Testers are idyllic for examining the hardness especially wherever huge samples are impossible to carried to a conventional tabletop hardness testing device, or samplings with difficult to examine zones are to be verified.

We supply a huge kind of this category of testers produced by leading companies of India as well as abroad to confirm that deliver our clients with the most appropriate model for the application.

We offer them at varying range of price and have excellent accessibility and facility to deliver the products to our clients on time with no annoying delay. We always ascertain that our clients procure quality checked products from us so that there is no issue at the user-end. We are the leading Portable Hardness Testers supplier of India.

Metallurgical Image Analyzer

This is cutting-edge equipment for Metallographic examination of metals. We supply our customers an extensive range of Metallurgical Image Analyzer of top companies manufacturing reliable and precise equipment. These are excellent for comprehensive resolution for metallography.

Our latest technology equipment is the idyllic unification of up-to-date software as well as hardware, which allow these to take the perfect images spontaneously.

Our products are highly qualitative and are made by internationally preferred companies in adherence to the international quality standards. These are quality checked and confirmed. We also offer several services to assist our clients with the usage and repair of this equipment.

We are the top Metallurgical Image Analyzer supplier of India.

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