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We Bearing Tools Centre believe in a quality product and quality service enhance customer self-assurance and company’s integrity which only can be fulfill by quality assurance, and that is why we deal with a prominent companies who are using high tech equipments for delivering a completely error free and précised Measuring and Testing Equipments.

Measuring Testing Equipments Manufacturer

Mitutoyo, Baker, Kristeel, Groz, MGW, Luthra and Kann are of them who endeavor constantly to deliver quality product by pursuing systematic process of checking to see whether a product being developed is meeting specified requirements or not.

quality assurance

Each company has its separate quality assurance department where every product undergoes different quality assurance testing. They use Standard manual measuring system during the manufacturing to assure quality parts, where as Werth video check IP system avd RAM optical Measurement system are used after the manufacturing of the product which measure hole, alignment on a filament, etc.